Artist Statement

My artwork centers on exploring feminine narratives in aesthetics, media, history and personal experiences. As a research based artist, I’m fascinated by the anthropology of Western customs and histories and how their meaning either coexists or conflicts with modern lifestyles or feminist goals. Of particular interest are how my chosen subjects’ or artistic mediums relate to and impact women’s issues and social equality. Within these dichotomous themes, I want to investigate vanity, consumerism, sex, identity, the gaze and the spectacle. My artwork’s feminist grounding, are purposely subtle, much like modern sexism.

I am extremely inspired to utilize mediums, like cross-stitch embroidery or painting. Such mediums contain their own patriarchal or submissive history, and modernizing them to convey how particular cultural practices are often at odds with women’s parity. For example, my cross-stitch artworks push the concept of craft as art, craft as feminist and craft as a tool to address contemporary women’s issues – reproductive health, body image and gender roles. My paintings work similarly by reclaiming portraiture or still lives from artists like Vermeer to John Singer Sargent and giving it a female view and authority.

My art aims to modernize the women’s identities and ideals commonly portrayed within fine art and craft. By exploring historically gendered art, traditions and rituals, my artwork endeavors to examine the nature of our customs, how they affect women and create a conversation about what it means to be a modern woman today. 

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