Vaccination Card DIY Cross-Stitch Kit

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Why did you get vaccinated? Stitch your message of health and hope on your very own DIY cross-stitch Vaccination Card. Reasons might include: “I’d do anything for that fox Fauci!” OR “Cuz I believe in science,” OR “Thought I’d grow an X-Men Superpower.” Whatever your reason, thanks for getting vaxed (and boosted). Kit includes sassy instructions that explain how vaccines work, Aida cloth, needle, thread, FDA approval is not included.

The Stitch n' Bitch DIY Cross-Stitch Kit Project is a chance for embroiderers and concerned citizens to stab out stereotypes with humor and needle art when it comes to the treatment of minority demographics today. Katrina Majkut’s cross-stitch kit and those made with her collaborators attempt to insert feminism, humor and politics into contemporary mass-produced embroidery kits that continue to reassert cross-stitch as a passive, stereotypically gendered and conservative domestic craft. The kit also offers a wry narrative throughout the instructions outlining the challenges people face today. As a limited edition, the kit can be created or kept as a work of fine art.

Kit Includes: Aida Cloth, needle, DMC floss, and sassy instructions (English); all inside an archival plastic sleeve.

Not Included in Kit: A personal sense of humor or political and personal outrage; scissors or embroidery hoop.

Limited Edition Print of 50, Numbered and Signed,  Full Color, 11" x 8.5"

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